Dimension Pro XP1

350 new programs and over 120 MB of new samples and wavetables
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Dimension Pro Expansion Pack 1 highlights:
350 new programs and over 120 MB of new samples and wavetables.
New programs expand the factory sound set with new Digital and FM sounds, Dimensions, Electric Pianos, Guitars, Leads and Keys, Orchestral sounds, Organs, Real and Synth Basses, Clusters and Harmonies, Splits and Layers, Sweeps, Analog sounds, Pads, Twisted Waveguide patches, and World sounds.
Includes a new emulation of the legendary Hammond B3™ organ. Each component of the original organ, including all drawbar levels, percussion level, keyclick, the rotary speaker, drive, and cabinet simulator were precisely crafted to recreate all characteristics of this legendary instrument.
The pack includes new wavetables, multisamples, and cabinet/speaker simulations.
Programs were designed by Ruben Nievas, Chad Beckwith, and René Ceballos.
Launch the Dimension Pro Player to listen to sound examples.



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